A Look at NBC's studios under construction in the International Broadcast Centre

First, a word about the Torino Olympic medals. Jewelry design is a major industry in Italy,
and the medals that will be presented at the 2006 Torino Games (see photo, below)
reflect some of the Italiansí craftsmanship. One distinct feature of the 2006 medals
is the hole in the middle, which officials say represents the piazza,
the open space in the center of Italian cities. The front of the medal
has the official Torino 2006 logo and the back is a pictogram of the medalistís event.

The first medalists at the Torino Games will be the top three finishers
in the menís 20km individual biathlon event on Saturday (Feb. 11).
The final medals awarded will be in menís ice hockey on the final day of the Games, Sunday, Feb. 26.

This is the way to get to work! Below is a picture of a helicopter landing on top of the Lingotto building, adjacent to the IBC.
I've mentioned that this former Fiat automobile manufacturing plant has been converted into a shopping mall and office complex.
Fiat still has offices here, and in additon to there being a test track on the roof of the building, it also has a helicopter landing pad.
This particular morning, a chopper was landing as I arrived for work (by bus).

Now, on inside the IBC, which is normally a convention center next to the mall.
First stop is backstage in Studio 1, which will be used for the daytime and prime time shows on NBC.

These scenic backdrops will be seen on camera through windows near the fake fireplace.
And speaking of the fireplace, you know by now that there isn't a real fire burning there.

Instead, it's a recording being played back into a flat screen monitor. This is the back of fireplace, showing the monitor, still bagged up,
and the computer and disc player that plays the image back. An operator for this equipment sits here,
and I'll be applying for that job for the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

Here we are on the set in Studio 1, a few days after the backstage pictures were taken.
The fireplace is now 'burning', and there are nighttime backdrops in the windows.

The anchor desk is actually on a turnatable, which can rotate the desk to any position.

When NBC Nightly New with Brian Williams did there show from here, the desk was turned
so the control room was shown in the background, rather than the backdrops.
Below is the view from the desk, looking towards the control room.
The studio was still being built at this point, so not all of the equipment was in place yet.

One of the things that was though, was the Techno Crane, a camera mounted on an arm which can telescope out 25 feet,
and swing left, right, up, and down. The cameraman operates the camera remotely, using joystick controls.
The crane itself has one or two assistants to extend or retract the arm, and otherwise move it.

Standing in the interview area of Studio 1, facing the entrance to the studio.
Go out that door, take a left, then a right, and that's where you'll find me during the games.

From Studio 1 you can look into Studio 2,
a smaller studio, but still with it's own fireplace.

It looks like they have a good supply of wood and several types of fires to watch.

This studio also has a desk that rotates, windows and scenic backdrops.
Oops, the one at left seems to be missing, but it's still early.

The view from outside, looking past the anchor desk in Studio 2,
towards 2's fireplace interview area.

Finally, a last look at Studio 1, through the windows of Studio 2.

And yes, there is a McDonald's in the IBC. They're everywhere! Below (L-R) are Jess, Craig & Jeff

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