The Way Home

After working overnight, I leave the IBC for the Media Village at 10 AM. It's a bit of a walk to the Loading Zone,
the area where buses queue up to take the workers to their work sites, the venues, or home to their Media Village or hotel.
A couple of pictures below show the view from the elevated walkway which leads to the LZ.

Above at right is a walkway leading to the Torino Athlete's Village. (Yes, that's snow in the mountains in the distance.)
Access to this walkway is limited to athletes only. It passes over a rail yard, and through the large red arch.
The Loading Zone for our buses is visible at the left.
And you can see some happy campers just arriving for work as well.

More views of the outback....out back of the Broadcast Centre, that is.

Below, the Olympic Flame outside of Stadio Olympico, as seen from a small kiddy-ride park next to the grounds.

These pictures were taken on Saturday February 11th, and judging by the lift next to the flame, some tweaks were being made.

The next night, I wait for the bus just a couple of blocks away from the Stadio. Can you see the Olympic Flame?

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