Around Torino on January 22, 2006

Above, Monique is dwarfed by the letters spelling out 'Vancouver 2010', which is where the XXI Winter Olympics will be held.
Below, a log cabin, built to house the contingent representing Vancouver in Torino. Workers were still putting the finishing touches on the cabin in downtown Torino this Sunday morning.

Next stop is a return trip to the top of the Mole Antonelliana, the tallest building in Italy.

Since I was here in December, there hasn't been any rain, or more importantly, snow.
This made for some very smoggy conditions this morning.

Back on the ground at Piazza Castello.

Straight ahead is the Royal Palace. This area will be Medals Plaza during the games, so that's what the construction is all about.

The Palazzo di Citta, the City Municipal building.

This is the Cafe al Bicerin, where we enjoyed a cup of Bicerin. Bicerin is a chocolate and coffee drink served warm with cream on top. It was invented in this cafe nearly 250 years ago. Along with the drink we had some Chocolate Toast. If you like toast, and you like chocolate, you'd like it!
The shutters are down over the doors because the cafe closed at 1 PM. We'd had just made it in before closing.

We saw Goofy outside a restaurant on Via Po.

These 2 boats, Valentina & Valentino, are operated by the City of Torino. We took a ride on the one in front, Valentino.
Some of the group is pictured below; Tammy, Monique, Susan & Wes.

Here are some views from the boat on the Po River.

The Medieval Village along the Po.

Above is another look up the Po River, this time as we cross the Umberto I Bridge. On the right on the hill is the Monte dei Cappuccini Church, which I visited last month. Co-located with the church is the National Museum of the Mountain, our next stop, after we climb lots of stairs.
Below is the intersection of Corso Moncalieri and Corso Fiume, at the east end of the bridge. A couple of blocks straight is Piazza Crimea, marked with a small Washington Monument-type structure.

Above and below, 2 views from the National Museum of the Mountain at the city and surroundings as sunset nears.

Earlier in the day we saw a real log cabin. Below is a real igloo which was on display downtown.

Looking across Vittorio Emanuele I bridge at dusk, the Gran Madre di Dio Church lights up.

And lastly, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday January 26 - 28 the city got snow.
This how the Riberi Media Village looked Friday morning. Finally, the enclosed walkways between buildings come in handy!

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