The Riberi Media Village

This is the Riberi Media Village, on Corso IV Novembre.
20th Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy.

Once a military hospital, it's been was renovted to provide accomodations for over 700 NBC Olympic workers.

The buildings have an early 20th century look and feel.
Many of the 3-story buildings in the complex are linked by glass enclosed walkways.

You can also walk out in the open on the level above the enclosed corridors.
This would be really nice in the summer, but it's now winter.

Yes, that's one of 2 palm trees in the Media Village courtyard.

Across the street form the Riberi is a city park, and at the north end of the park is the old Stadio Comunale,
the city stadium, built in the 20's and used for soccer thru the 1980's.
It has been transformed into the Stadio Olympico, the Olympic Stadium.
One of the Olympic hockey venues is next to the stadium.

This is about as close as the public can get now to the stadium, but by games time on February 10,
the entire area will become an Olympic Park, open to the public.

A close-up look at the structure that will support the Olympic flame, still being worked on.

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