More pictures from Torino in December 2005

(did you know that Torino was the first capital of Italy? It was.)

This is a former Fiat automobile assembly plant, which has been turned into a shopping mall.

Itís located right next to the Olympic IBC, the International Broadcast Centre, which is pictured below.

The IBC is normally a convention center, which is what it will turn into again, after the Olympics pack up.

And then thereís this ramp and red arch thing out behind the shopping center.The ramp was under construction in mid-December; the arch is complete, but I canít tell you just what itís there for.The ramp crosses above some railroad tracks, and is approaching a pedestrian walkway over the mallís parking area, where this photo was taken.

Next, a few more night photographs in downtown.The street with the snowballs over it is Via Garibaldi, a pedestrians-only street lined with shops and stores.

Below is the Royal Palace, the Palazzo Reale.The construction going on is for the Olympics. At right they are building a stage.This is where the Olympic Medals ceremonies will take place each night during the games.

This is what itís supposed to look like when completed.

Up on the hill is the next destination on our walk around Torino, the Monte dei Cappuccini, on the southeast side of the Po River. The site consists of the church of Santa Maria del Monte, on the left, and the National Museum of the Mountains, at right.

There are great views from here of Torino and beyond.

Thatís the Mole Antonelliana in the center of the picture. I took some pictures on the previous page from there, at a platform below the spire and above the dome.The Mole was started in 1863 as a synagogue, but by 1869 it was clear that the cost of the work would far exceedthe original estimates, and the Jewish community backed out of the project.

Work on the Mole stopped for several years, until in 1873, the architect, Alessandro Antonelli, convinced the city to take over the project.Now that government was involved, the construction really slowed down, but the Mole was finally topped off in 1889.The height of the structure is about 500 feet, making it the tallest in Italy, and the worldís highest building originally built in stone.To get to the observation platform, you ride in a glass elevator which takes you up inside the dome.The building itself now houses a Cinema Museum.

Below, a look back at the Santa Maria del Monte church.The circular things are blue neon, and are lit at night.

Finally, the author nearing the end of a day of walking, along the Po River.

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