Monday August 16th Pictures

As I leave work around 7 in the morning, the day crew for studio B, which does the MSNBC and USA Network coverage is setting up for their shows. In the audio booth are Bill, Jim & Randy.

In B control are director Ray Herbert and technical director Greg Aull, both wearing headsets connected to the RTS intercom that my department oversees.

Today's field trip was to Panathinaiko Stadium, rebuilt in marble for the first modern Olympic games back in 1896. This is the first day of the Men's Individual Archery competition. Later in the games, the mens' & womens' marathons will both finish here.

The picture above was taken from the so-called 'bookable' broadcast position at one end of the stadium. Looking in another direction, there's the Acropolis.

Yes, the stands really ARE that empty, as seen in this shot taken from the NBC commentary position. But that won't be used until the Womens' marathon this Sunday, so we got the seats. The competitors are (L to R) Germany on target 1 vs. Russia on target 2; France (3) vs. Australia(4). Germany & Australia were the victors in this 1/32 elimination round. Notice the big screen TV so the spectators can see all of the action.

In this round, each of the archers shoots a total of 18 arrows at their target, which is just short of 230' away.
Below, the Olympic rings, located at the back of the stadium, above the commentator seating. There's plastic over the desks to protect the equipment from the elements, mostly the high winds of late, but who knows, maybe it'll rain.

And before leaving, a look beyond the flags of nations ringing the stadium to Lycabettus Hill.

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