Wednesday August 18th Pictures

At the end of the work day, some time after 7AM, I pick up a bus in front of the International Broadcast Centre, for the ride back to the Media Village.

Later that afternoon, on the walk to work thru the Athens Olympic Sports Complex (OAKA), some pictures.
Some cooling for the walk under these white steel arches is provided by the misting fans at right.
AND this just in... this section of OAKA is called the Agora. Henceforth, instead of referring to those white steel hoops as white steel hoops, I'll call it the Agora.

I told you I'd be back to take a picture of these undulating steel spikes when they were in motion. So here it is. They're officially called the Wall of Nations. The next day at the same time, they weren't moving. Go figure.

And another picture of the spikes, uh, I mean THE WALL OF NATIONS(!) with the Olympic flame at the stadium in the background.

This is one of the refreshment areas in OAKA. And there's a big jumbotron monitor showing the match inprogress at the Tennis Centre (I give up--that's the way they spell it here). And that's the Agora in the background.

Walking closer to the IBC (work, that is), I pass the Olympic Stadium. The reflecting pool now has a fountain shooting about 30 feet in the air.

This is the Tennis Centre, also in the OAKA, near the stadium.

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