Athens Olympic Park Pictures

These giant hoops provide a little shade from the sun, and run for about a quarter of a mile or more. There's a McDonald's at one end.

Here's the TODAY show's little bubble in the park, still being readied for their broadcasts, which will originate from here during the games.

The Olympic Stadium

The Indoor statdium, where Gymnastics, for one, will be.

This is a wall of metal spikes, which, when turned on, oscillate slowly back and forth with a wave-like motion. Right now it's not on, but I'll be back and get a picture when it's working.

The Velodrome again, with its characteristic hoops, like a smaller version of the Olympic stadium at the other end of the park.

Hoops, there they are again....

The IBC in the center, below. The edge of the stadium at right.

Not sure what to make of this. In the foreground, a roped-off area which contains what might be ancient ruins of some kind. Apparently if you dig a little anywhere in Athens, you're bound to come across some ruins.

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