Walk to Work from the Media Village

The walk to work takes me through the Athens Olympic Park, where the Olympic Stadium, Aquatic Center, Indoor Center, Track Cycling Velodrome, Tennis Center and more are located.  First though, I have to pass thru the area in the pictures below; the former campus of a vocational college.  Lots of buildings that have been abandoned, and stray dogs roaming about. In the first picture, taken just after leaving the security checkpoint at the Media Village, you can see the Olympic Stadium's arches in the background.

Below is the view back up towards the Village

Continuing on to work..

An Athens Metro train approaching the Irini station, one of 2 stations near the Olympic Park.

That's the Irini train station up ahead.

A Smart car and a not-so-smart car at the station.

After passing under the train station, the Olympic Park spreads out in front of you. The Velodrome, the site for Track Cycling, is on the left.

It's very dry in Athens, and the Olympic Park is no exception. No grass to speak of, but lots of dirt. The Tennis Center is in the background, beyond the tents.

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