Trip to the Great Wall

Sunday morning about 15 of us along with a guide motored about an hour out of the city to reach the Great Wall. This particular section is the Mutianyu Great Wall, and dates from the early years of the Ming Dynasty, in the 15th century. You can walk the steep terrain up to the wall, or for 50 Yuan, about $6, take a cable car.

Not that there isn't at least SOME climbing involved, even if you DO choose to ride.

There are vendors along the road up, all offering souvenirs, walking sticks, hats, water, soda, beer, etc.
And it's this way to the taking of the best cable car of the Great Wall, as the sign says.

As we board the cable cars, 4 to a car, you can see somebody's already bought a souvenir hat. Not a bad idea on what was already, by 10 A.M. a very warm day.

Would you believe President Clinton rode in my car a few years ago? (No, they don't ALL say that!)

Up we go

on a ride about 0.4 miles long

finally getting our first close-up view of the wall as we approach the station at the top.

This marker outside of the station explains that the wall was originally built to ward off enemy attacks, but now serves to bring the people of the world together. It also says that this section of the wall was restored in 1989, with the help of Germany's Henkel Group.

Just a few more steps and we'll be on the wall.

This restored section of the wall is about a mile or two long, with the towers spaced about every 150 yards or so.

Single file now.

And finally, we're actually on the Great Wall, at what was noted as tower 14 on the map above.

There's much more wall on the next page.

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