This page features some pictures of WRKL radio's old north tower, which collapsed after 54 years in and on the air, on February 13, 2017

Update: As of December 2018 the site still looks just as you see it in the photos below. Okay, the weeds have sprouted up a little higher. But the toppled tower remains in place, and there's no indication that any rebuilding has taken place. We've stopped taking pictures because nothing has changed.

The Former Leaning Tower of Mt. Ivy
photo credit: A Friend of this website

The Leaning Tower of Mt. Ivy

Here's the trouble, up close. One missing guy wire? No problem! There are 14 others!
People this stupid should not own radio stations!

The aftermath:
3-1/2 Towers
Above, the 3-1/2 WRKL towers the day after the collapse. The downed tower was used in both the day and night patterns for WRKL, and went up in 1963, like its (now much taller) twin on the left. The two towers to the right are newer. All towers are/were 270 feet.
Photo credit: Another Friend of this website

The picture below is from Facebook, taken the day of the collapse, 2/13/17.
That's the other original WRKL tower at right, which was at the time 55 years old (and is probably also going to fall over in the near future).
scrap metal
photo credit: John Lafalgio/Facebook

As the picture below from mid-June 2017 shows, the crumpled tower remains undisturbed:
Fred Sanford, R U out there??
photo credit: Yet another Friend of this website

Mid-July 2017(photo below), over 5 months after the collapse.
It's gettin' deep here.

For some reason, the FCC continues to allow this farce to go on. Deadlines pass, the most recent being 12/1/18, by which the FCC expects the tower to be replaced. It isn't, and so it goes.

...and that's R Tribute to a lack of tower maintenance.
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