Jeff on WNBC radio's Time Machine (1988)

The Time Machine on WNBC radio in New York was a recreation of 1960's-style Top 40 radio, with reverb, loud D-J's, and lots of jingles.
This aircheck is from July 31, 1988. It's a Sunday afternoon, and I'm filling in for WNBC's Dan Taylor. Each file is about 4.5MB, mp3 format, so be patient. Each part represents a one-hour block, but because it's 'scoped', meaning the music has been edited out, the hour plays back in about 12 minutes.
Playback doesn't start until the file is totally downloaded.
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5

Here's a .pdf file of the Time Machine 'clock'. Program Director Dale Parsons designed this to represent the contents of a typical hour of programming.
It was part of Dale's memo from May 1988 which updated the format procedures for the Time Machine.

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