The broadcast center at the Salt Palace had to be demolished to make way for convention a couple of weeks after the closing ceremonies. Here's Bob Costas' fireplace --

and during teardown....

Below, Don Garrison from our Comms group looks over a few of the 57 crates we packed our equipment into

Here's Don (nice cap) wrapping our Comms racks up in cellophane for shipment back to Lincoln, NE.

All of the racks used at Olympics will be stored until needed for use at the Summer 2004 games in Athens.
Meanwhile, the destruction continues at the IBC. Walls come down, furniture is moved out, etc.

Here's one of the announce booths being carried away

And here's a look at your safety-minded Comms crew

Don, Jeff, Andy, Bob, Greg (look, no hardhat) & Tony

All photos ©2002 by Jeff Baker, Greg Aull. All Rights Reserved.
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