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On Sunday, February 10, I left the IBC about 3:30PM just to see what was going on outside. I told my boss that if he didn't let me out for a bit, I'd NEVER see the sun. I took these pictures of the crowds around the Olympic Square area, the area otherwise known as South Temple & 300 West Temple.

Hallmark is an Olympic sponsor, and has an area set up just outside the Medals Plaza, the former parking lot-turned Olympic Medals stage. You could get inside one of several globes like this and have your picture taken. Why? Maybe to get warm?

The Olympic Superstore, where you can buy all kinds of Olympic merchandise. They've got 'em lining up to get in. This is a temporary structure--a metal frame with a tent-like skin over it, a skin which has a mural of several speed skaters.

Looking north up 300 West Temple. On the left is the KSL building. KSL-TV channel 5 is the NBC station here in Salt Lake City. This main street has been closed for several blocks to anything but pedestrians since last Thursday, and this is now a clean zone, meaning you have to go through airport-type security screening before being allowed in.

The Delta Center, venue for the figure skating and short track speed skating.

Looking west on South Temple (confused yet?) towards the old U.P. train station you saw in the previous set of pictures from the walk to work. The Delta Center (a.k.a. Salt Lake Ice Center) is on the left, behind the big screen TV, which was showing the KSL-TV broadcast of the Olympics. Coca-Cola, another Olympic sponsor, has an exhibit on the right. Kodak and AT&T are nearby as well.

Doing a 180, now facing east, one of the Medals Plaza grandstands is on the left. The IBC (Salt Palace) is just past the Windham Hotel, which looms on the right. And straight ahead, the Wasatch Mountains.

Now inside Olympic Medals Plaza, this place will be packed with people tonight at 7. This is where the athletes are awarded their medals each evening. Following the medals ceremony, there is a rock concert, which tonight features Lifehouse (never heard of 'em).

Still inside Medals Plaza (the public isn't allowed in just yet), this mural of the speed skater is draped across the north side of the Windham Hotel. Several of the other tall buildings here have been similarly decorated, representing other winter Olympic sports.

And now, I'm due back inside at work....
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