On February 1, Tony Kremer & I hit the road.

Work, of course....
First stop: downtown Park City, Utah, pictured below.

This is looking down Main Street, Park City, from a 2nd floor balcony, where
an NBC commentator will be doing stand up reports. The Park City Mountain Resort is
located here, which is the site of the giant slalom & snowboarding events.

A look across the Main Street (above), then back inside to check with the boss before we take off(below)

Next stop is Soldier Hollow Ski area, outside Heber City, UT.

I took this picture on the way. Mountains ALL OVER THE PLACE! The Wasatch Mountains.

Below, a look at the broadcast compound at Soldier Hollow. Not a pretty site, and COLD too.

After setting up our equipment there, continued west on US 189 towards Provo, UT.

On the way, we stopped for these pictures alongside the frozen Deer Creek Reservoir. You can't see them here,
but there were a lot of people ice fishing on the lake. BRrrrrrrr!!

See, I really AM here!

A few miles later we saw this old 2-8-0 steam engine, part of the Heber Valley Railroad,
a tourist attraction.

"Provo Welcomes the World" is what this boulder says, in the middle of a traffic
circle in Provo, near the Peaks Ice Arena (below).

This is where some of the Olympic Hockey matches will be played.
Once we were done checking our circuits here, we headed west on 189 to I-15 north,
to get back to the Salt Lake City area. On the way, more mountains.

Our destination now was Salt Lake City's E Center, below,

where the rest of the hockey matches will be played.
Looking the other direction--more mountains....

On the way back home, on I-15, the sun was setting, giving the mountains a pinkish color.

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