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This installment features highlights of our day at Park City Mountain Resort, on January 21, 2002.

Here is your NBC Olympic Comms Crew at play in Park City:
Tony Kremer(L) and Jeff Baker getting their "ski-legs"

Boss Andy Morris shows us how it's done

While Jeff just tries to stay upright, Andy gets ready for his turn. Look out below!!!

Jeff says to Andy,"I think I'm getting the hang of standing still. It's moving I'm having trouble with.". "Just stay out of my way or you'll be working the midnight shift", says Andy

Tony Kremer, waiting patiently at the bottom

As ski instructor Robyn helps Tony perfect his "wedge", Jeff tries to sneak off the slopes

Jeff, Robyn & Greg on the ski lift. Getting off may be a problem....Some of the Olympic grandstands can be seen at left

Photos 2002 by Tony Kremer, Greg Aull & Jeff Baker. All Rights Reserved.

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