As I said in the journal, I spent all day Monday, February 4th at Utah Olympic Park, where the Ski Jumping, Bobsled, Luge & Skeleton events will be held. From where I was working in the broadcast compound, all I could see was a curve in the luge track, below, if you can see past the trailers...

The photo below shows the Olympic Ski Jump at Olympic Park, which is on the outskirts of Park City. I took it the day after I did the installation there.

On Tuesday, 2/5, I went to Deer Valley, also near Park City. Deer Valley is where the Slalom, Aerials & Moguls will be held, as you can see from the signs below:

In case you can't read it, the caption on the billboard below says Light the fire within, kind of an Olympic motto. This sign is on the backside of the grandstand seats at Deer Valley, and the picture was taken from our broadcast compound there.

These condos (below) are right next to the slopes at Deer Valley, and the chair lift in the foreground went right by where I was working.

As you can tell, the broadcast compound here at Deer Valley is not at the top of the mountain. I never got to the top, but did walk down to the bottom to meet my ride back to Salt Lake City. Here's a look back towards the top.

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