Most mornings it'll be dark when I go into work. Here are just a few shots taken on my 10 minute walk to the IBC on the morning of February 7, about 8 AM.

This is the fountain plaza at the north end of the Gateway center, the shopping/residential complex where we're staying. The fountains are laid out in the shape of the Olympic rings, if you could see them from above. This morning it was 14 degrees, and they were still going. They don't run constantly, but rather pulse the water at random intervals. You could actually walk right across the fountain if you wanted to, and didn't mind the strong possibility of getting wet.

In the above photo, you see the rear of the old Union Pacific railroad terminal, up the steps beyond the fountain, with the Gateway sign on it. Below is a view of this old station from the front. The entire Gateway development is built where the old railyard used to be. At right in the picture is the end of the Utah Trax line, a trolley line that runs from here to Sandy, a suburb of Salt Lake City. Due to security measures for the Olympics, the trolley is temporaily is not coming all the way here.

As I continue walking east on South Temple towards the IBC, I cross 300 West (as in 3 blocks west of Temple Square--all of the streets are referenced to that location) and look back across the intersection at the Delta Center. The NBA's Utah Jazz play their home games here, and the 20,000 seat facility also hosts concerts. For the Olympics, it will be referred to as the Salt Lake Ice Center, and will be the home of the Figure Skating competition.

Turning and facing the other direction, you can see the outside of Olympic Medals Plaza, below. A few months ago it was a parking lot. Now they've put up grandstands and it will be where the medals will be awarded to the Olympic athletes every night during the Olympic games.

Yet another Olympic banner, this one draped across the back of the grandstand at Medals Plaza. Those are the Trax trolley rails in the foreground.

Now it's about 8:20 AM, and I have to go through security and get to work at the IBC, which is just across the street from here. See ya later!
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