Glen Canyon National Recreation Area & Lake Powell

From this vantage point in Page, Arizona, a look south at the Colorado River.
370 miles in that direction is Lake Mead and Hoover Dam.
The picture below, turning 180 degrees, shows Glen Canyon Dam, the 2nd highest concrete arch dam in the U.S., at 710 feet. Hoover Dam tops it by 16 feet.

Completed in 1964, the dam created Lake Powell, 186 miles long and with over 1800 miles of shoreline in southern Utah.
Glen Canyon Dam stores and releases water from Lake Powell.
Below, Nan gets a picture of Jesse and Matt standing on a sandstone cliff. In the backgound is the dam and the Glen Canyon Bridge. Traffic on US 89 doesn't pass over the dam, it uses this bridge.
At 700 feet above the river, it's the second highest steel arch bridge in the world.

Heading back into Utah, we rented a boat and cruised around the southern end of Lake Powell.

Instead of coming up out of the desert, the rocks here rise up from the water.

The lake is open to recreational boating, water skiing, fishing, etc.

Above and below, Matt & Jesse ride in the tube behind the boat.

There are some pretty narrow canyons you can take a boat into.
The only problem might be having room to turn the boat around.

Finally, here's the gang in the water.

For more about Glen Canyon NRA, here's a link to the National Park Service's page

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