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The tree was lit this year (2010) on Tuesday November 30th.
The tree sits on top of this manhole cover-sized plaque, which is set into the Rockefeller Center sidewalk. This picture was taken on 11/11/10, just minutes before crews started staging the area for the tree's arrival the next day.

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree:
These shots were taken November 11, 2010. The tree's being cut down in upstate Mahopac, NY. Meanwhile in Rockefeller Center, preparations are being made for the tree's arrival the next day.
The spectators across the way there are soon going to have to make way for the installation.
Just a few minutes after the above photo was taken, crews & equipment are on-site to prepare for the tree.    



The tree arrived by truck on November 12. It's laying on it's side, below. The golden statue of Prometheus has been obscured in this view by the scaffolding platform.
A platform has been built out over the statue.

Not just another evergreen tree, the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree now stands upright in the Plaza on Friday 11/12/10.
The view from the Channel Gardens, which have yet to be decorated with their seasonal angels.    
Above, a couple of pictures from Monday November 14. At left, a banner hangs down over one side of the tree. At right, the view from 50th St., revealing some of the scaffolding that's been put up to trim the tree.

Now it's Thursday 11/18, the day they'll hoist the Swarovski star to the top of the tree. Here, it's on the ground, being held up by a forklift. A giant crane (just out of the picture on the right) will hoist the star into position.
Seven stories above Rockefeller Plaza, the crane holds the star in place, as workmen secure it and rig the lighting. Keep in mind, the tree lighting is still 12 days away, so there's much more work to be done behind the scenes.
Thanks to colleague Patrick Brown for these bird's-eye views.


Here's the tree on Monday November 22, from 48th Street. Who's the doofus on the hi-tech tricycle? If you said Dr. Oz, you'd be right! Click on the image to get a larger, higher resolution picture.! Doctor Oz, that is.   

On Wednesday morning November 24, the scaffolding starts coming down. The tree's been decorated with tens of thousands of LED lights, and will be lit in six days. The angels have arrived in the Channel Gardens.
The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree scaffolding comes down    

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree from the 7th floor of 30 Rock    

Again from the Channel Gardens, about 6 hours after the above two pictures. The crews continue dismantling the scaffolding.
The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree scaffolding coming down    

From street level looking up:
The Rockefeller Center Christmas star    
...and again from the 7th floor:
The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree scaffolding comes down    

Just a block away, at 6th Avenue and 50th Street, is Radio City Music Hall, all decked out for the holidays. Click on the photo for a larger image.
Radio City Music Hall for the holidays, on 11-22-10   

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