Don't get the idea that all I do is sightsee, but here are a few pics from the first few days on the job & off.

Tuesday after work I walked part of the perimeter of the Olympic Park, trying to get a closer look at the National Stadium, the Bird's Nest. The fences are already up, with guards posted every few yards.
The Olympics are big here, and the locals are very interested in taking pictures.

Back at work, the main set for out TV coverage is still under construction.

After work again, this is an intersting looking building. That's a 4-story high TV screen on the side of it.

This evening we were able to get inside the Park itself, where rehearsals were scheduled for opening & closing ceremonies. These guys in the suits are part of the show.

The suits are wired with blue LED's and can be lit up, as you can see Remember, you saw it here first!

We were surprised when suddenly firworks were set off in the park and within the stadium.


Thursday morning, this is the view from the hotel. Not as hazy this morning as it has been.



And finally, this is where I'm working most of the time, the I.B.C.

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