Bryce Canyon National Park

Located in southern Utah, Bryce Canyon is famous for its 'hoodoos', rock spires that protrude up out of the ground.
Some are over 100 feet high, others, about your size.

There are several trails and loops down into the canyon. Nan's heading down one here, watched by a Uinta chipmunk, one of 3 chipmunk species found in the park.

The rocks here are shaped by both weathering and from the many freezing and thawing cycles the area goes through.
The rain is slightly acidic, and dissolves the rocks at different rates, depending on their composition.

Time is taking its toll on ME too, but for now I'm enjoying the view here shortly before sunset.

The rocks show different colors, and erode at varying rates, depending on their composition.

At right above, and at left below, is the hoodoo nicknamed "Thor's Hammer".

Nan got a little ahead of me here. There she is, about 100 feet below, having followed a series of switchbacks formed in the rock.
This area is called 'Wall Street'.

Above is a closeup of a section of rock just off along the switchback. Lots of colors here.
Below, I guess this little guy fell out of his nest.

Jesse's positioned himself on a ledge just off the trail.

Looking skyward from below.

Above, the shadow of one hoodoo falls on another.

Below, Hans gets a picture of Nan on the trail.

Above, a portion of the Navajo Loop trail is closed to to recent erosion.

Guess I picked the wrong day to wear sandals.

For more information, visit the Bryce Canyon National Park Home Page.

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