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Welcome to Jeff's 2008 Beijing Pages

Opening Ceremonies fireworks

The Comms Deptartment at NBC Olympics in Beijing-August 4, 2008

You talkin' to ME? (L to R: Kevin Shea, Bob Gilmartin, Rickey Hayes, Chuck Roberts, John Pastore, Jeff Baker, Sean McKinnon & Tony Kremer

On the set in Studio 1

Saturday night (8/9) I went to the Water Cube, the National Aquatics Center, and saw some of the Men's & Women's swimming heats. Saw several world & Olympic records fall during these preliminary rounds (and you probably know by now that those recods have continued to fall all week). Our seats were courtesy of the BBC, who didn't show up for the event. Colleage Greg Aull & I are pictured below left.
From inside the Water Cube, we could hear thunder, and when the events were over about 9:30, it was pouring. Greg, Tony Kremer & I donned these fashionable (read: FREE) pink ponchos for the very soggy walk back to the broadcast center. I think my sneakers ought to dry by Christmas.


The Great Wall road trip
Some pictures from my first few days
The Ming Tombs
The Sacred Way
Art in the Olympic Park
National Stadium & other buildings of Beijing Olympic Park
The Forbidden City
Pictures from Opening Ceremonies rehearsal
Temple of Heaven Park
Random pictures of life since the games began
Sean's pictures from the Summer Palace & around the International Broadcast Centre

Meet the mascots of the 2008 Olympics, the Fuwa (rhymes with HOO-AAHHHH!)

Here are (L-R) Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying, and Nini. Together, their names mean 'Welcome to Beijing'.
Read more about the Fuwa!

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