This is Day 13 (August 26). Basketball Quarterfinals

The Olympic Indoor Hall has been transformed from Gymnastics to Basketball. The quarterfinal game between Spain & the US was held here this afternoon. Below, Spain warms up prior to the second half.

The US does the same. Going into the 3rd quarter, the score is USA 43, Spain 42.

A jump ball starts the second half

Tim Duncan, Team USA captain, takes a shot.

That's one of the Olympic mascots, Phevos. Hey - down in front!

#4 Allen Iverson takes a free throw.

Shawn Marion at the net for the U.S.

Stephon Marbury, number 5, is in the air and puts one up.

Richard Jefferson tries a field goal.

Game over (US wins 102 to 94), both teams meet on the court.

A post-game interview--Craig Sager of NBC Sports with Stephon Marbury, who scored a Team USA single-game record 31 points.

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